Whiteboard Magic #1

Phonics activities, reading and writing

Reading and writing short words

English can be seen as a series of puzzles, with the level of challenge matched to the level of the students. Teachers strive to find the sweet spot between too easy and too hard, with the English at just the right amount of challenge to be enticing and achievable. Quick whiteboard puzzles balance speaking, listening, reading, and writing and are something that can be done as a warm-up at the beginning of class.

Students in this class know basic phonics (a-z) and can combine them into 3- or 4-letter words. They’re familiar with the vocabulary.

Setup and Flow

  1. Draw a frame or frames on the whiteboard or a piece of paper
  2. Write a 3-letter word below each frame (use dots so that students can trace the letters)
  3. Help the students read the words out loud and write them
  4. Students draw pictures in the frames

The puzzle was on the whiteboard before class began, with interested students giving it a try as other students corrected their homework or played phonics reading games on the iPad. After everyone had finished their homework check, we read the sentences together as a class and confirmed that the English was correct and the pictures matched.

This classroom exercise is a preview of read and draw worksheets (Elementary 1B: 1 08 rd sheets).

Fun and Learning